About Disney+

Disney Plus is an official Disney service that allows you to enjoy Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic’s masterpieces/topic titles anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy unlimited videos.

You can also watch using various devices such as smart phones, tablets, TVs, and game consoles connected to the Internet.

Benefits of joining Disney+

In addition to the latest Disney works, Disney Plus is a National Geographic work producing the world’s highest documentary programs such as the Academy Award-winning Free Solo and Will Smith’s program host Universe’s Strange Stone.

Besides, the documentary program Disney Gallery that introduces behind the TV animation series Star Wars: Clone Wars Final Season is currently being distributed at Disney Deluxe and Star Wars’ first live-action drama Mandalorian / Star Wars: Mandalorian and other long-awaited works will also appear.

Two member registrations required to use Disney Plus

When you join Disney Plus, you need to register for two accounts, a d account, and a Disney account. Please note that those under 13 cannot use this service.

Free trial for the first month 31 days after new registration

Those who are new to Disney Plus can use it free of charge for 31 days after their new registration. As the paid member will be automatically transferred from the day after the free period ends, if you want to use it only for the free period, for the time being, let’s perform the withdrawal procedure within 31 days from joining.

Re-enrollment of former Disney Deluxe members

Before Disney Plus started in Japan, NTT Docomo, the same operator, operated under the service name Disney Deluxe. Please be assured that some of you may have thought you used Disney Plus, but you have to leave Disney Deluxe and join Disney Plus. There is no need to change the contract or pay an additional fee, as the application of the Disney Theater movie service used at the time of Disney Deluxe will be automatically transferred to Disney Plus.

How is it different from Disney DELUXE?

Previously, Disney DELUXE had been deployed in Japan as a Disney video distribution, but it was moved to Disney Plus on June 11, 2020.

The service content has been further enhanced

By the way, Disney Deluxe members automatically switch to Disney Plus members.

Features of Disney Plus

1. Unlimited viewing of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars,

Disney, Pixar, Star Wars,
Marvel, National Geographic’s of popular movies and videos, including five brand new work, is unlimited viewing is, is a significant selling here of service.

Although it may be distributed on other video distribution services, it is difficult to view it all together, such as when the works are scattered or for a limited time.

However, at Disney Plus, you can enjoy the works of 5 brands without hesitation. A must-see service for fans.

In June 2020, Ana and the Snow Queen 2, which will be the first appearance of the flat-rate video distribution service, will be distributed!

Also, shorts and concerts by Anna Snow. Also, in July, you will also release a making video that closely matches the creators who struggle to complete it.

2. You can see the original work

You can see original Disney Plus works that you can’t see anywhere else. You plan to increase the number of original works in the future.

3. Enjoy with two apps

Disney Plus services consist of two apps.
The main movie distribution is Disney+, and the app Disney DX allows you to enjoy digital content other than movies.