What is Android?

Meaning of Android An Android is an operating system for smart phones developed by Google. Until the advent of Android, the iPhone market was almost monopolized in the smart phone market. Still, since Android was a license-free OS, companies such as DoCoMo and AU rapidly begun developing Android phones? In 2011, it passed the iPhone and gained the top share in the smar tphone market in Japan and the United States. Impact of Android on the smart phone market Before the advent of Android, the smart phone iPhone scheme, iPhone Softbank was completed, and users other than Soft Bank were

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How is PUBG Lite different from PUBG?

PUBG Lite is a lightweight version of the well-known PUBG. Russian and European gamers were able to check out its release on October 10. How the new version differs from the previous one, you will learn from this article. The advantages of the novelty In PUBG Lite, the developers managed to implement everything that did not work in the PUBG beta. The game is fully optimized, there are no glitches and lags, there are also no crashes to the desktop, problems with the menu and opening the drawer. Acceleration of a car and a head-on collision with an obstacle in

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