Chandra Yaan 2 – Best achievement of Indian scientist

Chandra Yaan 2 – Best achievement of Indian scientist

Chandra Yaan 2 – Best achievement of Indian scientist

Chandra Yaan 2 – Best achievement of Indian scientist

As of September 2019, it consists of a lunar orbit and includes the Vikram lander and the Pragyan lunar rover. All of these were developed in India. The main scientific objective is to map and investigate the locations and volumes of lunar water, as well as changes in lunar composition.

ISRO’s mighty spaceship Chandra Yarn 2 delivers a second mission to the Indian Moon, just hours after final landing. The whole country is waiting for the landing of Chandra Yarn 2. This has several important steps. The ISRO Moon mission itself has some challenges, including many of the first milestones achieved in India. Some of these have never been tested before in other countries of the world.

The Chandrayaan two ′ spacecraft, a stationary synchronous Mark-III rocket (GSLV Mk-III), is the most powerful launcher to date. It is completely designed and manufactured in Japan. It consists of three modules, namely Obiter, Lander (Vikram), and Rover (Pragyan).

Over the past decade, India has created more than 20 space technology startups. Space sector PPPs are heading in the right direction, said Surendra M Vaidya, executive vice president and commercial head of the Godrej Aerospace.


On November 12, 2007, representatives from Los Cosmos and ISRO signed an agreement for the two agencies to cooperate with Chandra Yarn 2, a follow-up project to Chandra Yarn 1. Although Los Cosmos would provide the module for landing, ISRO would be the primary responsibility of the Orbiter and Rover. The Government of India approved this task at the United Nations Council, chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, on September 18, 2008. The design of the spacecraft was completed in August 2009 and was jointly reviewed by scientists from both countries.

Take a look at the facts of the most important missions in Chandra Yan 2.

Chandrayaan 2 mission data:

  • Chandra Yarn 2 fuels scientific curiosity in India. As a testament to the scientific spirit of India, the vast majority of the components in Chandra Yarn 2 are designed and manufactured by citizens and scientists across India. This includes the Pragian Rover’s traction control and dynamic engine system, which are essential to the success of the mission.
  • The Chandrayaan two launcher weighs 640 midsize hatchbacks. When launching the Chandrayaan 2, the GSLV Mk-III weighs an incredible 640 tons with a full payload. This is about the same weight as the 640 stacked hatchbacks.
  • Chandra Yarn 2 aims to make the first lunar “soft landing” in India. The landing craft aboard the Chandra Yarn 2 was named Vikram after Dr. Vikram Sarabai, the father of the Indian space program, attempted a soft landing in the country for the first time using an advanced propulsion system. Moon.
  • Chandra Yarn 2 helps scientists scrutinize the surface of the Moon. The Chandra Yarn 2 Orbiter, Vikram Lander, and Pragian Rover carry 14 scientific payloads, including a laser-induced breakdown spectrometer and an X-ray monitor.

Chandra Yarn 2 will be the first spacecraft to land in the lunar Antarctic region. The technical complexity of the moon landing in Antarctica has hampered many previous attempts in space. Chandra Yaan 2 will arrive first in the lunar Antarctic region. And adopt Indian tricolor that no other country has reached![/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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