History of the Indian Premier League

Earlier on, he talked about cricket and noted that India’s first professional sport, the Indian Premier League, had begun. The Indian Premier League celebrated its 10th year this year, as well as this blog. The season has a total of 60 games, with the season starting around the beginning of April each year and ending around the end of May for a month and a half. In the regular season, every 8 teams play 14 games in the second round of home and away, and the top 4 teams advance to the playoffs to determine the winning team. The world’s largest cricket league. The number of spectators in the 2015 season was approximately 1.71 million, and the average number of spectators per game was approximately 28,500. League sales for the same season were 11.5 billion rupees about 21 billion yen), which is slightly smaller than the soccer J2 league. The company has introduced a salary cap, a system that regulates the maximum amount of the team’s annual salary. It is set at 630 million rupees about 1.1 billion yen in the 2015 season. The highest annual salary in 2015 was Mahendra Singh Doni’s $3 million, about 360 million yen. In principle, athletes have a short-term contract for one and a half months of the season.

Starting with being arrested in mid-May for three players in the league who received money from a gambling company and committed fraud during a match, representatives of leading teams were also arrested for gambling. As this representative is the son-in-law of Indian Cricket Association BCCI Chairman Shrinivasan pictured right, he was also taken leave of absence.

The IPL, which started six years ago, introduced the city-specific franchise system in cricket, which had until then been centered on national teams. The business side was also innovative, and large companies and movie stars became the team owners, and they played glamorous play by gathering the famous players of the world with high-priced years. The IPL was a new attempt to symbolize fast-growing India. However, the IPL was not immune to fraud.

Indians, who regularly dislike corruption and dishonesty of politicians and officials, have also seen dishonesty in the entertainment world of IPL. The reaction to this incident has gone beyond anger and disappointment, and even gives up the feeling of giving up. Of course, the total salary is low compared to the four major American and European sports. Still, the Indian Premier League has a short period, so it was based on Weekly Average. The calculation will make a big jump. The ratio of the difference between the high salary and low salary is 1.5:1, and the salary is high in general.

In other words, for the top cricket player, this is a place where they can make a lot of money in a few months each year. Title sponsors and television rights support this economic power.

It increased to 79.2 crores per year, and the Chinese mobile phone maker Vivo from 2016 to 2017 reached 100 crores. Also, Vivo acquired title sponsorship rights for five years from 2018 to 2022 for 439.8 crores per year.

Also, TV broadcasting had a 10-year contract starting from 2008 for US$1.03 billion through a partnership between Sony Pictures Networks and World Sports Group. Sony was in charge of domestic television, and WSG was in charge of international distribution.

And in September 2017, Star India, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox, acquired five-year broadcasting right starting from 2018 for US$2.55 billion. This is the highest broadcast right in cricket history.

You can only see this. It’s a pity that they still don’t understand cricket rules, but they will subscribe to YouTube and start chasing it in real-time from next year.