What is Elon Musk and Space X

What is Elon Musk and Space X


Elon Musk is complicated. His life is extremely extreme, rocking from bankruptcy to success, from family to playmates, from compliance to ignoring the law, from ridiculous people to leaders.

Stop and admire and learn about human nature, creativity, and vision. The theme is SpaceX.

Musk founded Space X in 2002. The company is constantly pursuing interplanetary space travel and Mask’s ambitions to create human settlements on Mars.

Imagine the ego and arrogance that set this goal. Imagine the power and strength of the will to achieve it.

Many people share valuable insight about Musk’s personality because he can break any problem down into “first principles” and reconstruct it into a modern and unusual answer.

PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company are all Musk’s answers to the underlying and significant social needs.

Successful launch of a human-crewed rocket

Space X successfully launched a human-crewed rocket and sent an astronaut to the International Space Station ISS. This is remarkable in many ways.

First, the US space program has stalled since the Space Shuttle retired in 2011. The flight to the ISS relied on the Russian spacecraft Soyuz.

Second, Space X has already achieved many feats as a private company.

Space X is also a star of Western society’s commercial R & D expectations, as competition from China over global technology intensifies.

Space development is not just an adventure. The universe created a GPS (without GPS, neither Uber nor lift is possible) and realized satellite mapping, which is essential for Google maps.

If Musk succeeds in the program, which is currently launching satellites, it will create a high-speed Internet system in space.

While China spends billions of dollars on state budgets for AI, blockchain, and other state-of-the-art technology infrastructure, the US relies on capital markets for research and development.

Few in the world’s history have mask-like abilities to use the capital markets to address human-scale problems.

The control system is centralized in a sophisticated visual display running on Linux. The computer has three backups, one of which runs under a different OS and can be operated manually. The photo looks like a luxury car.

Many have compared this to how online banks and Robo-advisors are innovating the financial industry.

A touch screen interface pursues simplicity and user experience (UX), rather than a cumbersome and tedious manual process. Instead of using ink, fax, and phone, you scan your face to access those services.

What the space suit tells

The smart and straightforward Space X spacesuit that appears in Star Trek is significantly different from the Space Shuttle’s convenient priority and the dubbed orange spacesuit.

Space X astronauts are like car racers or sci-fi characters, expressing power, speed, and future orientation.

It’s convincing to hear that this spacesuit’s concept comes from the Hollywood designer who was in charge of the costumes for the movies The Avengers, X-Men2, and Fantastic Four.

This space suit is not inferior in function to the previous space suit. But unlike the old spacesuits, it expresses the space accessibility and coolness that was lacking in the past. The universe has become a new place for humanity to travel, rather than a strange and breathtaking place.

As a result, the variable costs per launch were reduced from $500 million to $50 million. Space X is also excellent in terms of fixed costs. NASA estimated the development cost of the rocket to be $4 billion, while the “Falcon” rocket was developed for $400 million.

In short, Musk succeeded in reducing both initial and operating costs by 90%.

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