IOS vs. Android: 5 things to know

IOS vs. Android: 5 things to know

IOS vs. Android

IOS vs. Android: 5 things to know

If you choose the target platform for your mobile app or game, you only have two options. 

Screen size and resolution

The first thing you need to decide on is the devices for which you will be developing. It’s essential to consider the device itself that users interact with when using your app. This will have some implications for your development. Screen size and resolution are some of the main factors to consider when choosing a platform.

If you choose to develop apps for IOS, screen size, and resolution will play a minor role in the development process. Apple manufactures a certain number of devices, which are divided into IPad and iPhone. It is not difficult to study these devices.

For Android developers, the situation is a little more complicated. The number of manufacturers producing devices based on the Android operating system is continually growing. These devices are manufactured in various shapes and sizes.

Choosing IOS and Android means that you will be looking for a solution to the problem of launching applications on devices with different screen sizes. If you can get your app to work on many different devices, Android app development is excellent too.

While most applications do not face hardware limitations, you should still pay attention to this issue before starting development.

Besides, Developing an IOS mobile app assumes that you only need to consider a few different hardware configurations. 

Android devices have a more extensive range of capabilities. You can develop applications for Android devices with specifications that will envy even the most dedicated Apple fans. Simultaneously, many low-budget Android devices perform poorly when running applications or games that require a lot of CPU performance.

When exploring the differences between Android and IOS devices, the following factors need to be considered:

 Battery life

 Image quality


 Connection options

If your potential application or game depends on one of these factors, you better make sure that the platform you are developing has the necessary hardware.


When choosing between IOS and Android development, you are also choosing the marketplace to enter your application.


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