What is the meaning of lockdown?

What is the meaning of lockdown?


What is the meaning of lockdown?

Lockdowns have already been implemented in several countries and cities, limiting the actions of residents. To not panic if lockdown is implemented in Japan. let’s know the correct meaning of lockdown, its impact on life, and the implementation cases of each country. The meaning of lockdown originally means to restrict the movement of prisoners in prisons. Still, in the current situation where the new coronavirus is rampant, it refers to city blockade. Depending on the country or region, the following measures will be taken to prevent the new coronavirus spread under the lockdown. Restricting residents from going out Businesses other than retail stores for daily necessities closed public transportation, airports, and highways Banning to work except for key workers cities that have lockdowns Implemented due to the spread of the new coronavirus Lockdown is being carried out in. Let to introduce some implementation status in each country.

Lockdown in New York

In New York, from 8 pm on March 22, it was requested to work from home thoroughly and wait at home to refrain from unnecessarily. The sale of “things needed for daily life” is permitted, so supermarkets and drug stores continue to operate. If you decide it is necessary, you can purchase it at each store. The United Kingdom From March 23, the United Kingdom implemented a lockdown requesting all residents to stay out for three weeks. Shops other than supermarkets and pharmacies are closed, and no one can attend work except for critical workers such as medical staff. You are allowed to shop for food and take a walk once a day, but you cannot interact with anyone other than your cohabitant. When you go out, you must be at least 2 meters away from others. There may be police intervention in the case of a violation.

Lockdown in Paris

Paris has been locked down since March 17. You are only allowed to go out when: When doing work that cannot be done by telework Shopping for food and medicine Outpatients who take a walk for about 1 hour once a day will be fined up to about 450,000 yen, and up to 6 months if judged to be malicious You will be imprisoned. Impact of Lockdown Now, let’s look at the impact of each country that implemented lockdown. When NASA analyzed the observation data from Chinese satellites, it was confirmed that nitrogen dioxide concentration decreased in Wuhan City after the lockdown.

Many stores in New York are closed, and the number of unemployed people has remained unstoppable. Many people have been dismissed after the British lockdown and lost their income. Employees in the service and restaurant industries are in a particularly tricky situation. Schools that have been closed indefinitely have no prospect of reopening. Although the French school was closed, teachers continue to work remotely and teach lessons online. If Tokyo’s inflowing population with about 2.9 million people per day is blocked, economic activity cannot be avoided. According to some estimates, if lockdown is implemented in Tokyo, real GDP Gross Domestic Product) will decrease by 5.1 trillion yen in a month.

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