Seven incredible things that happen in North Korea that looks like movies

Seven incredible things that happen in North Korea that looks like movies

North Korea

Seven incredible things that happen in North Korea that looks like movies

Life in North Korea seems to be out of the film, sometimes comical, surreal, and frightening. Today there are seven surprising things that seem like movies in North Korea.

Seven incredible things happening in North Korea that look like movies 1

7. Only 28 haircuts are allowed

Each one benefits from a particular hair. That is not possible in North Korea, where there are only 28 hairstyles residents can choose due to their face or personality issues. There are 14 haircuts available for men, but single women should wear them short. Men can choose from the same quantity, but the maximum length must be 5 cm. There are rumours that Kim Jung Unordered everyone to cut their hair, but it has not been proven.

6. Marijuana is legal in North Korea

In restricted countries, many are incredibly ridiculous. Cultivation and consumption of marijuana are licensed and are combined with one of the most flexible countries for cannabis legislation: Bangladesh, the Netherlands, and Uruguay. It turns out that marijuana is cultivated free in the fields, and consuming it has no adverse consequences. Perhaps the impact helps to believe that someone can control the weather.

5. Their leader has supernatural powers

Part of the way to rule North Korean citizens are to make them believe in something impressive. For example, the father of the current ruler could manage the weather. Moreover, they are impressively good at any activity they do. Regarding Kim Jong Un, it is said that he was born from the sky and showed a big rainbow. We assume you are working on climate management skills.

4. They kidnapped a film director to make a film for them.

In 1978, a military agent kidnapped movie director Shin San-ok and South Korean actress Cheung Huy, because maintaining the dictatorship would have to keep the people busy. Taken to North Korea, they filmed some must-see movies, but thankfully they managed to escape after a few years.

3. If a person is convicted, so is his family

Criminal delegation penalizes not only the perpetrator, but also the entire family, especially when it involves rebellion or theft. Instead of going to jail, they are sent to a forced labor camp. The accused never goes alone, as his family is also sanctioned for a total of three generations. Therefore, if a married man commits a crime, his parents, wife, and children will also be sent to these camps where many will starve.

2. People vote once in 5 years

Don’t say North Korea is a dictatorship because the people go to polls every five years. Of course, there is only one candidate, so you can’t discard the vote or leave it blank.


1. North Korean citizens receive false information about living in South Korea

If you live in North Korea and are fooled (and must be) fooled, you will be flooded with information about how bad South Korea is. In the first place, there are many horny and hungry people in Korea, and because the hospital is too expensive to receive medical care when women escape, they are forced to prostitute.

They sound like ridiculous comedies, but North Koreans, from birth to death, and all these sorts of things, are all taught to believe in some of the most influential countries in the world.

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