Two facts about global warming

Two facts about global warming

global warming

Two facts about global warming

Today, the topic of climate change is one of the most discussed in the world. Moreover, the discussion left the university classrooms and became part of world politics. They have collected five facts about global warming to form your attitude to the issue.

1. Global warming exists

Yes, whatever some politicians say, climate change is a fact. Over the past 140 years, the average annual temperature has increased by about 1 ° C.

It is essential to understand that during its existence, the Earth’s climate has changed quite often. This is primarily due to change in your planet’s orbit: the orbit is stretched, and then becomes more rounded. The cycle is about 93 thousand years. Besides, every 41 thousand years, the angle of inclination of the Earth’s axis to the plane of the orbit changes and every 26 thousand years – the cone of rotation. The combinations of these factors directly affect the amount of solar heat that enters the high latitudes Arctic and Antarctic, and hence the formation of glaciers.

 The fact is that Earth’s air temperature has not risen so quickly for at least the last 800 thousand years. This was found out by a group of European scientists who studied the ice of Antarctica details here. 

2. Modern warming is related to greenhouse gases

It’s a paradox, but if the greenhouse effect did not exist, the average annual air temperature on Earth would be 39 ° C lower than it is now, i.e., minus 25 ° С. So greenhouse gases are not an absolute evil. The problem is the greenhouse effect has increased now. How? It’s simple through the atmosphere, the sun’s rays very short wavelengths come to the Earth’s surface, the planet heats up, and it begins to emit heat. Still, these are rays of longer wave’s infrared spectrum. Some of these rays heat the atmosphere, and some should go into space, but greenhouse gases do not allow waves of this length to pass through. As a result, the temperature on Earth began to rise too quickly. And as the most recent research shows the World Meteorological Organization, greenhouse gas concentration has now reached a record.

Yes, regular steam Nevertheless, scientists associate modern warming with CO2 and human activities here. You can get acquainted with a meta-study that analyzed scientific articles on the topic of climate change: it turned out that 97% of articles say that it is humans who are responsible for global warming.

Those each cubic meter of air contains at least 415 ml of carbon dioxide. And as scientists at the have established, during 800 thousand years before the industrial revolution, the content of CO2 in the atmosphere never exceeded 300 ppm.

First, the burning of fossil fuels coal, oil products. Here it is possible to see what kind of carbon footprint left to the different countries. Due to human activities in 2017, 36.153 billion tons of CO2 got into the atmosphere.

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